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Copyright © 2004, Yarka Vendrinska

12 - Aunt Suzy


Village of Bodice, Slovakia


The peasant woman sits behind the same table she's sat at most of her life, quietly

looking out the window as she has for so many years.  Teta Zuzka, known to everyone

as "Aunt Suzy", rarely left Bodice - preferring to lead her life right here in the village.  She

isn't unaware of the rest of the world or about all the worldly issues.  She gets her knowledge

from daily newspapers and wisdom from books.  A highly regarded individual within her community,

this simple woman was once called " A Madonna " by an internationally known graphic artist -

Most likely for her purity of heart and saintly goodness displayed on earth.  Her life runs long at almost

ninety, filled with manual labor in a field and around a farm.  She married once, had 11 children, buried

some as early as birth, and always kept the door open to all; friends, family and strangers.